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Introduction to SAP

  • Introduction about SAP
  • Brief Overview of SAP Architecture
  • Introduction to Sales & Distribution module

Special Sales Orders

  • Cash Sales
  • Rush Orders
  • Free of Charge Delivery

Enterprise Structure

  • Sales Organization
  • Distribution Channel
  • Division
  • Sales Area
  • Sales Group
  • Sales office
  • Shipping point, etc.

Master Data

  • Customer Master data
  • Material Master data
  • Customer Material Info Record
  • Pricing Condition
  • Agreements
  • Materials listings
  • Organizational Master data
  • Transactional Master data

Customer Complaints

  • Credit Memo Request
  • Debit Memo Request
  • Invoice Correction Request
  • Subsequent Free-of-Charge Deliver


  • Working with Shipping Documents
  • Processing Deliveries
  • Picking, and Packing goods
  • Goods Issue

Special Sales Process

  • Cross-selling
  • Third party order processing with MM Integration
  • Consignment Sales
  • Intercompany Sales

Work Shop

  • System Landscape
  • ASAP Methodology
  • Tickets (Real Time Issues)
  • Testing (Unit Testing & Integration Testing)

Bills of Materials (BOM)

  • Single Level BOM
  • Multi Level BOM

Finance Integration

  • Revenue Integration
  • Credit Management

SD Integration with MM & PS

  • Availability check
  • Transfer of Requirements

Outline Agreements

  • Scheduling Agreements
  • Contracts : Quality Contracts, Value Contracts. Service Contracts. Master Contracts

Sales Document Processing

  • Working with Sales Documents.
  • Sales Document Types.
  • Item Categories.
  • Schedule line Categories.
  • Special Sales Orders.
  • Determination of Item Categories & Schedule Lines.

  • -Route Determination-
    -Item Proposal-
    -Rebate Processing-